Thursday, March 22, 2007

Brian and Kellie, a month later.

When you do radio for a living, you take vacation one week at a time. Even when we left for just seven days, we got calls & mail from people freaked out that their morning was ruined. Most "team shows" leave a "team member" on duty during vacations. Brian & Kellie always took vacation together, leaving a fill-in. This is the up-side of "between gigs." Long, glorious, extended time off. Late night TV (I haven't seen Letterman in years), movies, camping, washing cars, yard work, & dinners out at dinnertime (we used to eat at 4:30.) I have no announcement to make here - just we're happy and groovin' at having this spring free to do anything we want. Thanks for the mail. We hear from listeners everyday. The internet makes this communication possible. I forget how we managed life before it.