Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Halloween Costume that'll be a hit.

If you haven't already come up with something creative to wear to work Wednesday, may I suggest what is sure to become the most overplayed Halloween costume this year...Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg's gift that keeps on giving: Dick in a Box. The bit is from SNL and is all over Youtube. Gives a whole new meaning to trick or treat.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Robert Redford get a grip & moisturize

Hollywood liberal ROBERT REDFORD only agreed to receive his Kennedy Center Honor from U.S. President GEORGE W. BUSH after he was assured it was a recognition "above politics". Redford was less than thrilled about shaking Bush's hand at the high-profile event, but decided to attend for his family's sake. He says, "It was tough, but you have to shake his hand. You go through the motions because everybody's taking the high road. "I was assured beforehand that this was an honor above politics, and I said, 'If that's the case, OK, I'll have to bite it.' "It really was about my family and giving my kids and especially my grandkids a chance to see, firsthand, how a place like the White House operates."

We live in a country with people who wouldn't be flattered to shake the Presidents hand? Bob. Get a grip.

Bill & Hillary are to me, what W. is to Redford, but I'd shake both their hands without a second thought.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Cool pic of the day

Careful John, You're about to fly into a mountain.

This is John Travolta's house. Suburban Gainesville Florida. This is a subdivision that caters to those who fly. There's a runway over a mile long. Each home has a runway/driveway that allows you to literally taxi right up to your front door. By the way, that's a Gulfstream jet and a Boeing 707B. I wonder if he has to take off his shoes before he boards? This redefines cool. He flies almost everyday, but he has a couple of cars too. That's nice.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


Oh the beauty that is the natural male form -- shaved smooth, sprayed brown and pumped beyond all recognition into an emasculating neon-blue mankini!
The Mr. Olympia Bodybuilding Finals were held last weekend in Las Vegas, and finalist Gustavo Badell showed off all his big muscles -- and a little one too!
Working out can only do so much.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Who has a baby goat??????

This is a quick read on the differences between doin' A/C Radio & Country Radio.
Kellie participated in a Goat Milking contest at the Kansas State Fair a couple of weeks ago. (She did well, but the rest of the team languished.) As we were having the discussion, Ray, a long time KFDI listener, called to ask if we knew anyone selling baby goats. Well, of course I didn't. I took Rays number down and asked if anyone had a baby goat they'd part with - "I know a guy....."
You see the results of that conversation. This is Rays daughter feeding the new addition to the family. Ray now considers me a part of his family - and the world goes on.