Thursday, February 15, 2007

I wanna pee upside down

This won't make many newscasts - so I present it here.

This is an 18 month old dog named, "Baby." Baby used to pee like the other dogs. He'd raise his leg and pee on the tree. This is of course is in the "dog handbook", all dogs receive. Most dogs figure it out, and follow it's "peeing instructions" all their lives. Not Baby.

Baby now stands on his front legs and well, look at the picture. This is the way Baby now pees. Every time - no fail. Baby's owner is perplexed as to why her pooch has adopted this acrobatic position to pee.

Let me see if I can analyze what baby is doin' here. Baby apparently wants to get as much tree/pee coverage as possible. Why pee at the base of the tree, when you can pee way up the trunk and let it run down? Maybe it simply feels good? Maybe Baby pees this way - BECAUSE HE CAN!!!

I can't pee this way. I envy Baby. I haven't ever looked into alternative ways to pee. This is a remarkable dog.