Thursday, August 23, 2007

Woman claims curdled cream gave her the McRuns

One day Angela Cannon of Minneapolis stopped at the Uptown McDonald's drive-thru to grab a cup of coffee with cream and sugar. She took a sip of the steamy beverage, then a gulp. It was only afterwards that she realized something was wrong--the cream was lumpy and rancid. Then, just minutes later, she says she was in the restroom, violently retching into the nearest toilet.
Angela says her reaction was so extreme that she wound up spending five days in the hospital with severe bowel problems, and even required surgery. So now, together with her husband who claims he's been deprived of her "society, companionship, and consortium," she's suing Micky D’s. She's looking at $100,000 in damages.

Meanwhile, the suits at the Golden Arches have no comment…

Something has happened to me in the last several months. I can no longer eat McDonalds without feeling queazy. The food doesn't need to be rancid to make me sick. It all pretty much makes me gag. I've eaten at Mickey D's all my life. My size became quite large. Now, after swearing off fast food - I've lost quite a bit of weight. My insides can no longer tolerate the grease, and from my new pant size - I'm happy about it.


Anonymous said...

Yeah Bri on the weight loss!! Stop fast food?? What a comcept!! LOL Always wondered about that stuff. Keep up the good work. Miss you guys in IL!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Brian and Kellie!!

I can not tell you how much I miss you both. I have tried to reach you and finally called Deb Kennedy. She at least could tell me where you guys moved to. I did read it in the paper but at my age I never remember what I've read.

In any case, how are you both? Do you like your new surroundings and are the people nice to work with. I hope with all my heart that things are going very well for you.

Jim and I live in Petersburg (and yes Brian I know your parents I worked at Franklin Life for Dr. Thompson who also lived next store to your parents on State Street) It's just crazy, but you and Kellie became a part of our converstion so frequently it was like you were a part of our circle of friends. I think what I'm trying to say to both of you how much everyone liked both of you. Down to earth and simply put just The Best. I do not listen to that station anymore with the exception of Sunday morning before we go off the church.

The people who took your place I caught one day for about 4 minutes (I couldn't take anymore) I mean really bad.

Sorry to take you time but I just wanted to send a quick message to let you know no one here has forgotten that we once had the best.

A listener!

LD said...


Not re: McD's, just a comment to say, "hey" to you & Kellie.

Watch your speed. I'll handle the "too fast" for both of us!


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