Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mccain still playing Barracuda.

LEBANON, Ohio (CNN) – The rock band "Heart" may have asked John McCain and Sarah Palin stop playing their song "Barracuda" at their rallies, but the campaign is apparently paying no heed.

The track — played at the Republican National Convention in honor of the Vice Presidential nominee, who earned the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" playing high school basketball in Alaska — was pumped through the streets of Lebanon, Ohio on Tuesday morning at an outdoor rally before the GOP ticket showed up.

When the song was played after Palin's convention speech last week, the band members quickly requested that McCain and Palin pull the plug.

But the McCain camp said last week that it had paid for and obtained all necessary licenses before using the song.

That's the beginning, middle & end of the story right there. Ascap & BMI fees have been paid by the Republicans. The appearances are public performances. The songwriters have been paid for the performances. What's the beef? Ann & Nancy are Obama supporters? Tread lightly girls. You run the risk of being "Dixie Chicked."

Artists can't pick & choose where & how their songs are used as long as they're paid. Like it or not, Heart songs may be played on loudspeakers at gatherings they don't approve of. The artists don't have to be notified. They don't have to sign off or give permission. Legally, it's open & shut & why it's a story at all is beyond me.

Radio stations pay these fees too. Maybe a station they don't like will play Heart. There are restaurants that pay the fees. Maybe a restaurant serving food they don't like will play Heart.

Be flattered anyone's playing Barracuda. Besides the campaign appearances, all Heart has going for them are 3 share radio stations.