Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Drunk Dialing.

If you’re super drunk and you have a phone, who you gonna call?


The site offers a hotline — 1-888-883-5157 — that drunken revelers can call instead of
dialing their exes or moms after a long night of partying. Co-founder Roger Wingfield started the service in 2005 along with his old college roommates, who he’d “always drunk dial at 4 AM.”
Now, the hotline is used by people all over the U.S. who leave drunken messages, though
Wingfield admits the rowdiest dialers are from Michigan.

Though many of the calls — which can all be heard on the site — consist of tipsy friends
celebrating birthdays, getting late-night fast food, and singing, some are much crazier.
Wingfield says one of the first calls the site received was an anonymous dude uttering, “Oh
my God, what the fuck? Barbecue” — a phrase that’s now often referenced by other callers.
Another time, a buzzed up girl who was locked out of her apartment called claiming to be a
ninja as she broke through the window.