Sunday, January 18, 2009

Random Inaugration Jokes.

Q. What's an example of irony?

A. Bruce Springsteen is scheduled to sing "Born in the USA" at Barack Obama's inauguration.

Q. Why will Obama quit begging for donations once he's sworn in?

A. Because he'll no longer have to ask.

President Obama is being criticized because his inaugural celebrations are projected to cost the taxpayers over $400 million. When asked about it, Obama explained that Ted Kennedy planned to attend and there was going to be an open bar.

President Obama plans to ride in the inaugural parade without the traditional limousine. He'll be in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

Q. Why did the Secret Service double security on Michelle Obama immediately after the inauguration?

A. If something happened to her, then Barack would be in charge.

Q. Why will there two presidential limousines for the inauguration?

A. So Hillary won't know which one he's in.

Q. Why will Obama hold a séance once he's in the White House?

A. So that he can thank many of those who voted for him.

Obama's staff is preparing for his first press conference as President. They're busy writing the questions.

Q. Why will Obama ride in the back of a Presidential limousine?

A. The Vatican wouldn't sell him a Pope-Mobile.

Q. Why will President Obama get a new puppy for the White House?

A. Joe Biden is getting on in years.