Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't you dare tow my car.

I've had it up to here with towing companies. No. I wasn't towed. I've been towed before - many times. Sometimes I'm a "take chances parker."

A towing company in my city recently towed over 30 cars from a private lot. The drivers were attending a function downtown. This city saw it's downtown die a horrific death about 20 years ago. Since, events are planned to draw visitors back downtown.

These tow trucks towed these cars on a Saturday from a private lot that wasn't being used in any way. The lot is owned by a man who insists he didn't contact the tow company. The company then demanded cash from the parkers to get their cars back. By cash I mean - they wouldn't accept check or credit card. Cash only. After fees it amounted to over $100 per car.

Were the cars parked illegally? Only if the owner wanted the cars off his property. Otherwise we can deduce the owner didn't care if people parked there. The tow company literally took it upon themselves to police the lot - stealing these cars.

The car owners are steamed. State Law forbids tow companies from demanding cash. The fined - are fighting back and filing complaints.

All this is going on and the city - that sponsored the event that drew the parkers in the first place is decidely quiet on the issue. Why? Why on Earth won't the Mayor and other big dogs come out in favor of the parkers. This is about good will. This is about a city trying to revive it's downtown. Why can't local government stand behind these people who were robbed by this tow company?

We as citizens are encouraged to attend events in our downtown. If I risk being towed, I might reconsider my options.


Your Daughter said...

My car has been towed thrice for purposes not involving a dead battery. The first time was January 2004. I was driving a rental car and the plates were expired. It took me a whole month to get reimbursement from Enterprise. The second time was in February 2005. The towing company came 2 hrs before the posted "tow time" and I was charged $65 (after the mgr took off 1/2) to get my car back.
The third time was my fault - and I gladly paid for it.

I still think that Towing companies are douchebags though.

Illinois said...

Judging by the response from the city (i.e. none) I think we can safely kiss any hopes of promoting the downtown area buh-bye.

Bad press travels fast no matter where you go. It'll be interesting to see what kind of turnout there is in the future.

Anonymous said...

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