Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Male Implants on the Rise.

You know what an IMPLANT is - right? I'm talking about implants on men. Implants - down there. OK. You're with me. Some, (not all) are electrically controlled. That's to say - they activate with the push of a button. The remote sends a radio signal to the implant - and the implant does what it does. If you - or someone you love is considering this surgery utilizing this technology - by all means, have the work done in the United States. Why?

Turkey is a country that performs many of these surgeries. They've performed many, and it's cost effective for an American man to fly there to have the work done. Turkey does not have a regulated F.C.C. like America. Our F.C.C. closely watches devices of all kinds and the frequencies they use. This is why your cell phone doesn't come in on your TV & why your microwave oven doesn't mess up your heart monitor. Turkey has blundered. Doctors in Turkey have installed implants on men utilizing the frequency occupied by Genie Garage Doors in the U.S.. I'll put it another way. The same radio frequency that causes your garage door to go up - also causes your husband to go up.

This might not be a bad deal. It'd mean you have a couple of extra remotes. But what if your neighbor was on your implant frequency? This is happening. You come home, you push the garage door button, and Elmer next door - rises unexpectedly. Elmer then has to find his remote to lower the mast.

Don't be Elmer. Have your implant implanted in America. Unless you wanna know exactly when your neighbor is going or coming.