Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Cindy Sheehan is an idiot.

Cindy Sheehan began her hunger strike today to protest the war in Iraq. I won't waste anyones time explaining who she is.

Cindy Sheehan is an idiot. I'm sorry for her loss. She is a misguided tool. She initially said she'd fast until Sept. 21, International Peace Day. Now it's being called a "rolling fast" - whatever that is.

She's been joined by Susan Sarandon & Sean Penn outside the White House.

No doubt they prepared for the fast at Olive Garden last night. I bet it was "All you can eat Pasta Bowls" all around. Fill up on salad and bread sticks and you might be able to make it for 10 weeks.

Sheehan is desperate for attention. The media had already tired of her story. Sure, she'll get some press - but not nearly the press she got months ago. Her 15 minutes are up. Her next 15 minutes will begin when she dies in the street in front of the White House from starvation. But that won't happen will it? Surely when she begins to look haggard - a White House staffer will offer her a shrimp cocktail - (they always have a few left over from lunch.)

None of these Bozos will have the resolve to accomplish the mission they've set out on. They're doing it for the cameras. When the cameras go home - and they will quickly - their "statement" becomes moot. It's cheap, weak & classless. It's so thin it's invisible.

Downside is, she won't starve herself - and what's "up her sleeve" next time? May I suggest - streaking? Yep, that's the ticket. Streak a news conference in the Rose Garden. It'd be true to form. Maybe more would conclude what I did a long time ago.

Cindy Sheehan is an idiot.


Carl Brennan said...

I completely agree that Sheehan is a disgrace. I heard that she'll just drink water. I hope no one allows her to use their restroom. I know there is no porta potty outside the White House.

Anonymous said...

The only twerp to give her the time of day appears to be Chris Matthews. Have you seen MSNBC'S ratings? They're being beaten by the Food Network, so he too, is an Idiot.

Anonymous said...

A crazed cannibal attacked a man carrying a flag in front of the White House and ate off his thumb and much of the skin off of his face before bystanders could pull Ms Sheehan off of Michael Moore.

Mr. Moore was reportedly shaken by the incident, but doctors said they should be able to transplant about 30 lbs. of hog jowls to his face and he'd be "good as new."

Anonymous said...

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