Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hot weather makes you crazy

America is caught up in a heatwave. Nearly every state in the lower 48 is hitting 90 every day. So far, The best new "It's so Hot" - I've heard is - "It's so hot it feels like wearing a pair of sweatpants full of barbecue." Yes!

Tempers flare in hot weather. Check your local paper. In every city & town in this country - bad things are happening - that I blame completely on the heat. Normally rational people go nuts when it's hot day after day after day.

Woman stabs husband because he ate last piece of pizza.
Man pokes out wives eye with carrot.
Woman beats hairdresser for bad dye job.
Man hospitalized because girlfriend threw a microwave oven at him.

These stories are true - from my little county - in just the last few days. What else could it be than the heat? Do you feel the bad karma of 90 plus degrees? People are more aggressive, we drive faster and become less patient. We are more terse and less forgiving.

This brings me to today's point.

The Middle East is a mess. Go to Punch in Iraq. Punch in Jerusalem. You'll not only get the current temperature, you'll get the 10 day forecast.

Here's what most of the Middle east will experience today.

Partly Sunny today with a high of 118. Tomorrow, the same - 118. As a matter of fact - Partly Sunny every day for the rest of the summer - except when it's not 118 - it's 125. Hell, the overnight low is 88.

As we try to understand the tension in the Middle East, let's at least recognize that if we go nuts when it's 90 to 95 - how friggin' tense would we be if it were 120 everyday?

I'd have a towel on my head and carry a weapon.


Your Daugther said...

It's as simple as that! You have solved the problem in the Middle East - get everyone an air conditioner!

Anonymous said...

Hot hot hot!

Yeah, baby...but if Glenn would open the wallet and get you a top notch meteorologist to do your weather, you'd know just HOW hot, and when to expect relief.

Just sayin'...

You know the number to call..and it isn't 544-9857 for an instant request.


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Big hand for WAND-TV'S Lee Davis.
Watch Lee.

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