Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Democratic Comedy

OK. Comedy time. Democrats in the last 72 hours are claiming the reason gas prices are down is "manipulation" by the White House to influence the mid term elections. Democrats are suspicious of the timing. Life is good, and according to Democrats - we'll attribute this to Republicans.

Speaking as a Republican, make no mistake - I'm not so incredibly stupid to believe the Bush administration has the ability to effect gas prices. Why would Bush have sent prices skyrocketing in the first place? Now there's speculation that big oil wants to keep Republicans in office - and that's why they've "voluntarily" lowered prices. The depth of this idiocy is beneath me attempting to explain. (By the way - Gas here is up 25 cents again. Bush called someone.)

Today there is a new development that really has me riled up. ESPN is being accused of dubbing in crowd sounds during sportscasts. "Boos" - when Democrats are introduced - and "Cheers" - when Republicans are introduced. Apparently someone heard a "click" Monday night as George H. W. Bush was introduced. It's deduced that the crowd booed and the broadcast contained cheers. Never mind that those in attendance reported no boos - just cheering - as the former President tossed the coin.

Dumb. The seventh level of dumb. John Stewart had the President of Pakistan on the Daily Show last night. Bill Clinton shouted down Chris Wallace on Fox. Hillary is attacking Condoleeza. I don't know how much longer I can take it.