Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Keith Olbermann shut up

Todays SHUT UP goes to MSNBC's Keith Olbermann. Geez, I'm tired of being spoken down to. Your command of the language and style with a pen is dramatic. You speak to me as if from Mt. Olympus - your words more important than mine. Your thoughts more important than mine. You are the guy I hated in High School. The guy I avoided at parties. You are the man ladies avoid. Your commentaries on MSNBC are winded examples of one simple point that you manage to talk about for 8 minutes. Your diatribes go on and on and on and you haven't yet learned a simple lesson. No one really cares what you think. Your ratings are that of a mid market 10 pm newscast - and you are broadcast nationally. You know just one thing and that is that you are right. You're completely right - end of story. It's tone, demeanor, body language - stick a fork in yourself Keith Olbermann - you're done. You're bloating with self worth and if I know anything about broadcasting - and I'm afraid I do - you're outta there. You're a opinion piece in a free newspaper at best.


Dan said...

It's difficult to underestimate the frenzied desperation of Keith Olbermann. His hour has slipped from a poor fourth to a ruinously embarrassing fifth place finish, behind even a canned documentary on CNBC. Abrams must be wondering if Olby's next milestone will be losing to infomercials on Lifetime.

Nick Loman said...

MSNBC loudmouth shot Keith Olbermann flipped out when he opened his home mail yesterday. The host of "Countdown with Keith Olbermann" was scared witless when he opened a suspicious-looking letter with a California postmark and a batch of white powder poured out. A note inside warned Olbermann, who's a frequent critic of President Bush's policies, that it was payback for some of his on-air shtick.

Olbermann reportedly panicked and frantically called 911 at about 12:30 a.m.. Sources told The NY Post that an NYPD HazMat unit rushed to Olbermann's pad on Central Park South, but preliminary tests indicated the substance was harmless soap powder.

Still, Olbermann insisted on a checkup. He asked to be taken to St. Luke's Hospital, where doctors looked him over and sent him home.

Briblog Blog said...

Sarcastic Keith Olbermann Uses His Mouth To Make Up For His Bad Bedroom Ratings

A brunette who claims she had an unsatisfying one-night stand with Keith Olbermann is getting her sweet revenge - online. She's launched a blog to warn other women about the MSNBC commentator's bad bedroom habits.

The bitter babe calls herself KarmaBites1, and says she doesn't want others "to fall into the same trap . . . and I want him to feel some remorse for what he's done . . . He sets his mind on a woman, lures her in, and once he gets what he wants, he refuses to ever speak to them again. And I don't think he understands the damage he's caused."

She's a 30-something office worker of Caribbean descent, and says she struck up an e-mail friendship with Olbermann. She agreed to fly to New York to meet him last May. She says he came to her hotel room and opened a bottle of Merlot which he "spilled all over."

Then, when "sexual activity began [in] less than an hour," Olbermann had difficulty. The woman says, "I pretended he knew what he was doing. I adored the guy. I didn't want him to think he was a dud in bed," so she faked experiencing ecstasy.

Next, he piled on excuses as to why he had to leave. She says, "He told me he's an insomniac and that it's hard for him not to sleep in his own bed. He also mentioned he hadn't had 'company' in a while. [He said] he had an early meeting with the Yankees [and] he might be allergic to the pillows in the hotel bed."

Six days later, she claims, Olbermann e-mailed her to tell her never to contact him again. The woman "practically begged him to explain what I did wrong. I told him I deserved some kind of explanation for such a dismissal, but I never heard from him again." She said she's since heard from six other women who say they had brief sexual relationships with Olbermann.

Anonymous said...

Keith is a complete ass. He's using MSNBC to further his political slant to his viewership of 19, no make that 20 people.

What will this turd say when the Republicans maintain control in November? Keith is the one who is wrong.

somebody said...