Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Steve Jobs pulls IPOD from his ear!

OK, this IPOD thing is getting dumb. Look at what Steve Jobs has in his hand. It's the new teenie weenie IPOD. Christ. Are you someone who leaves sunglasses in restaurants? Do you lose pens? How about gloves? Do you leave things in your pockets and run them through the washer? Have you ever lost your keys or remote control? This goofy micro IPOD thingy doesn't stand a chance. Sure, Apple will sell gazillions. It's the consumer that will lose when we misplace these expensive midget IPOD's. Drop this sucker on the floor and the dog will eat it. Lean over the toilet at just the wrong moment and you'll flush it. This sucker is gonna be baked into cakes and swallowed by toddlers.

Soon, I'll be able to store 5000 songs and 100 hours of video in a little white "pill." At least that'll be easier to swallow.