Saturday, December 02, 2006

Ameren customers are not this happy.

What's wrong with this picture. This is from the Ameren Power company website. This is a woman calling Ameren to report a problem with service. She looks so pleased that someone answered. She's obviously grateful to make it through the busy signals. So what is her problem? This woman has power. Look! She has lights and is using her laptop! Her hair looks nice. She's used a hairdryer and had a hot shower. I can tell. It appears to be over 40 degrees in her kitchen. This is another sign this photo is staged. Ameren reports nearly 500,000 people without power after the Midwest snow & ice storms. The website should reflect the reality of it all. The picture on the website should be that of a frozen blue-lipped, limp-haired, tired, hungry, customer needing a shower.