Monday, December 04, 2006

Phil Spectors' hair about to go on trial.

This is comedy. Pure comedy. Not that someone died at Phil Spectors' house - but Phil Spector himself. Look at this man.

Lana Clarkson, an actress wound up dead - shot to death in Spectors' California mansion in 2003. The legal wrangling has continued since - with Phil free on bond. The trial is set to begin in March. This will be a media spectacle "who-done-it." I won't speculate here on his guilt or innocence. What I will say is, "What is the deal with his hair!!!!!!??"

THIS IS A TOUPEE. I kid you not. Phil Spector is bald as a door-knob. He wears this basketball sized thing on his head day & night. Yes. He wears this to bed. Ronnie Spector, his ex-wife, reports that she's NEVER seen him without it - and they were married six years!!!!! A toupee is one thing, this contraption is something else entirely. If I were Spectors' lawyer, my first advice would be, "Lose the hair." A jury will decide this mans guilt or innocence based on among other things, his grip on reality. Phil has obviously, "lost his grip."