Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brian and Kellie back on the air.

Brian and Kellie will be back on the radio beginning Monday, July 30th. For Springfield listeners, you will need a computer to hear us.

We are excited to announce we have accepted the position of morning show personalities on Journal Broadcast Group's KFDI-FM (kfdi.com) Wichita, Kansas. Journal Broadcast Group, headquartered in Milwaukee WI, owns and operates 36 radio stations and nine television stations in 12 states.

It was a tough decision to move away from our family and friends here in Springfield. We explored all the radio options here and even opportunities outside of broadcasting in our quest to stay local. Our phone rang with offers all across the country. Frankly, we turned down many because the fit wasn't quite right. When Wichita called, we visited the city, and found a perfect fit.

We want to express thanks to the hundreds of you who e-mailed us. Thanks to those of you who introduced yourselves as we were out and about. Literally each time we left the house, we were recognized and people expressed their support. We were stopped in the grocery store, at restaurants, the mall, gas stations and the dry cleaner. We were approached at the hardware store and at the movies. We tried to explain what was going on to the mailman, people inside drive-up windows and the FedEx lady at our front door. It makes us feel good to know we touched your lives. 15 years waking up a city is quite a feat, but we're not quite finished. We only hope that Wichita opens it's arms to us the way you have all these years.


Cynthia, just a fan. said...

All the best you guys.

KFDI listener said...

Welcome to Wichita! I'll listen when you get here.

Susan (25th Ann. Lobster dinne) said...

Our loss is Wichita's gain! I will be listening to you every morning on my computer, so give a shout out to Springfield everry once in a while. My mornings haven't been the same...I don't even have the radio on anymore in the mornings, or noon...I hope this is a great move for you guys, you deserve it! I still miss you guys every morning....I just don't know what to wear, or if it's going to be a bad hair day. All the best to both of you and your families!

Chris Murphy said...

And Glen Campbell playing Wichita Lineman, nice touch! Kick some butt in Wichita dude! You guys in Wichita are getting a GREAT morning team!

Dawn Lane said...

Good Morning!
Just read about you coming to Wichita, and can't wait to tune in on Monday. From what your listeners say in their posts, you will be surely missed in Springfield. It looks like Wichita is very lucky to have you both. I must say though, that we in the kitchen at St. Marks Elementary are a captive audience for KFDI, (it's the only station that our radio will pick up!) If you all get the hankerin' for homemade cinnamon rolls or bread after the morning show, come on by! Looking forward to tuning in!
Dawn Lane

Sue said...


I've listened to you since your first day together (and you, Brian, before that). I'm sorry you couldn't find something local that suited you - but I'll bet you will enjoy Wichita - it does sound like a good fit.

I guess I'm staying with NPR for the time being.

Good luck to you both.
Sue Kleemann

Dan said...

Good luck and God speed on your future endeavors. Sure do miss you in the mornings, your replacements SUCK. Good Luck

Suzi said...

Springfield's loss is Wichita's gain! I will miss you guys even more but keep up with the website for us so we can keep in touch.


Anonymous said...

Lucky, lucky Wichita! I wish you could have found something local, but wish you the very best!

Bonnie R. said...

Brian and Kellie,

Do you think after you’re done with your careers, that you will move back to Springfield ? I know this seems silly, because I don’t know you “that” well, but, I feel so sad, like family is moving away and I won’t ever see them again.

I did open KFDI.com to see where you were going, and I was surprised at the country music format. I’m worried that the hours that you will be on, will be mostly when I’m getting ready for work and driving to work, unfortunately, and that by the time I get to work at 8:30 and can open up my computer and turn you on, your show will almost be over. You guys always had the best conversations in the early morning. Well, I’ll just have to wait and see, won’t I? I hope you keep www.brianandkellie.com.

Well, good luck to you and your family, and God Bless You. You lifted a lot of spirits in the Springfield area, for a lot of years, and it was nice knowing you both.

Neil said...

Brian and Kellie

I'm sure that I am not the first, but welcome to the Wichita area.
Personally, I live in the town of Winfield, located about 40 miles
Southeast of Wichita. I grew up listening to KFDI and when I was in
service, my mother would send me cassette recordings of the shows
overseas to help the 'home sick kid' when he was in Germany (1978 -

There is so much to do in and around Wichita and you won't be
disappointed! This is one very involved community. You will quickly
learn that if you have a task that needs to be done to help the
community, just ask your listeners and they will be there.

Again, welcome to the area and remember, Springfield is only 3 to 4
hours away depending on what 'light speed' you drive at.

Again, welcome and I look forward to listening to your show on KFDI.

Neil Smith
From my work e-mail.

somebody said...