Thursday, July 12, 2007

Brian and Kellie Farewell Tour Final Round

We got the send-off today in the same studio where it all began back in the seventies.

This is WFMB-AM 1450, formerly WCVS "The Big 14" at 3055 S. 4th.

That's Sam Madonia & Jeff Hoffman with Brian & Kellie. I was the night jock in the seventies, and Kell was the mid-day girl in the early 80's. This is truly the room where it all began for me. If you've ever driven by the studios, this is the old main round studio at the center of the round building. Sam gave us 90 minutes and took calls from listeners, and even advertisers who we worked with over the years. Thanks to Bob Ridings for the kind words, and George Haven, my SHS math teacher for calling in. It seems appropriate to leave this town from the same room where I spoke my first real commercial radio words a long time ago.

Thanks to Sam, Paul & GM Kevin O'Dea for the opportunity. Off now to Wichita. The next post from there.


Monica said...

It was so great to here you both with Sam this morning. Almost like "old times". I catch his program every once in a while. I'm not really loyal to a "morning show" anymore. Certainly not anything on WNNS. The day you left WNNS was the day I left WNNS...FOREVER!!!

Thanks again for all the laughs and fun over the years. You guys took real good care of us!! Wichita is getting a great team!! You can be sure I'll tune in on my computer!!

Hey, if your new format is Country, how will you ever work in "Sylvia's Mother" or "Kung Foo Fighting"?

Good Luck and God Bless!

Monica Jones

Sandy said...

Just wanted to wish you the best of luck. Sorry I missed your farewell tour. Every time I tuned in I must have just missed you. I thought this morning I finally was going to make it but I was wrong. Hopefully someday we'll have you back on the air in Springfield where you belong. I would really like to know how many listener WNNS lost. I've yet to find a station I like in Springfield but while at work I listen to KEZK in St. Louis. But I'm going to mark on my calendar and tune you in. What a great tribute that all your competitor's wanted to have you on their show to say goodbye.

Thanks for the memories!

Sandy Zepp

Carrie said...

I'm so happy for both of you that you can continue doing what you love and do best!! Please know how terribly MISSED you are in my morning routine, as well as by the thousands of listeners you amassed over the years. FYI: I now only listen to ABE FM. I can't tolerate those two bozos who are in your spot now. I listened for about 15 minutes one morning and found myself feeling angst! They can't even get people to call in to participate in their lame questions. All I heard were crickets! HA! (I must've been their only listener for that brief time.) My guess is that ALL of your listeners are boycotting, and oh, how I hope those higher ups are feelin' it!! Okay - done venting! Anyhooo...

Although your leaving was quite the surprise that first morning, I know that you had your reasons for doing so, and you will always have my support completely. Your integrity and professionalism in broadcasting have always been bar none. You both really are the best! Although I'll miss knowing that you are just a neighborhood over from me, I'll keep abreast of your doings through your new station's webpage. I do regret that I didn't get the chance to say goodbye in person, but hopefully we'll be able to touch base every once in a while.

All my best, good luck, and God speed!

Carrie ;-)

Kristy said...

We will miss you so much. Keep in touch and remember to come to the class reunions. I have been listening to CDs and books on tape in the morning, but refuse to listen to WNNS. I really miss you both so much. I could have used some decorating help this week from Diane. I decided on farm house brown for my bathroom. I hope she approves. :) I will try to figure out how to play the computer station on my way to work. If I buy one of those satellite radio things, could I hear you then? Kristy Main Beauchamp

JERRY said...

Dear Brian & Kellie

I want to add my name to the long list of listeners whose morning drive will never be quite the same without you two. I wish I had had the opportunity to meet you .. Wichita sounds like a great opportunity for the people of Wichita to listen to the best entertaining duo on the radio and their gain is our loss. I consider each of you a “friend I had not yet met” and wanted to take this opportunity to say Goodbye and good luck.

Jerry Maltby

Taylorville, Ill

ps: I do have a computer and will be able to listen to a small portion or your Wichita show between 6:00 and 6:30. I suspect the airways will be as crowded as the highways with listeners from the Springfield area tuning to the KFDI website

Harold said...

My wife and I already miss you on the radio each morning on our drive into town, but I am sure that your new job will be rewarding and fun for both of you. Good luck with this new endeavor.

Dawnn H said...

I will certainly be turning in to hear you guys. I have missed listening to you all in the morning. To me you guys were the morning show. I loved your
letters to the recuse. By the way thanks for some of the adviice I had got from you. I think Wichita will love you as much as we did. I wish you guys the best of luck. I was one of your biggest fans.

Bev said...

I'm sad, of course, to hear that you're leaving us, but happy to know you found another job where the two of you will be able to do what you do best! When are you actually leaving the city?? Do you still have to sell your home? You should have a big going away party of sorts to give you a proper send-off!! I'd throw one for you if I were able!! Seriously! I'm gonna have to tune in via computer as soon as you begin your new job because you know my mornings just haven't been the same since you left the airwaves!! And if I don't get to see you again before you leave (that is, if you haven't already), I just want to thank you again for your "friendship" (can I call it that?) while you were here and wish you the best where you're headed. Please keep in touch. I'm guessing you'll try to keep up your blogs/website?? But if not, maybe you can send me an e-mail once in a while once you get settled to let me know how things are going! Till we meet again . . . Bev

Dana said...

I wish you both much success and happiness at your new home and forwarding careers. I want to thank you for making me such a happy listener of you both. You made Springfield like one Big Family!!!

Thanks Again!


cheryl said...

I was crushed when you left. I have listened to wnns since it first started and I have not listened since
the day you left. You two are part of my family in some ways. love to

Kathy said...

Brian and Kellie,
Congratulations! It's good to know prayers are heard and answered, not to mention all the good wishes sent your way. We'll miss you in deacons, Kellie! Is is appropriate for radio to wish you each broken legs?! Take care--God bless... kathy

Connie said...

Even though I've never met either one of you I feel like I lost two very good friends for a while. I'll be listening in the future and wish you both all the best!

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...