Thursday, July 26, 2007

World Record set in Home Purchase.

I buy things quickly. Don't get me wrong. I think things through, but when my minds made up - I can purchase almost anything faster than you.

I once bought a car on the phone. I hadn't even seen it. I had a friend drive by and look at it. He liked it, and told me I should buy it - and I did. The papers were signed before I even sat behind the wheel.

I bought a rider mower on a whim. It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

I bought a computer on-line. Took about 3 minutes.

I can complete any grocery shopping trip in 20% of the time the average American takes.

It should come as no surprise I bought a house in two days.

My Illinois house sold so quickly, the truck with my belongings needed a Wichita address, or I'd face a huge storage fee. I bought a house in two days. I got pre-approval from a local bank. I contacted a Realtor, and asked if it was possible to close in as little as 10 days. They said, "It is possible." I arrived on a Sunday, looked at houses Monday and half a day Tuesday - then made an offer. The offer was accepted, the financing squared away & my furniture will arrive about 5 hours after I get the keys this Saturday.

I must be a "dream client" for a Realtor. Actually, the Internet made the quick decision possible, as we looked at over 500 houses online before we arrived. The commission paid on my deal will amount to several hundred dollars an hour. I imagine for every customer like me, a Realtor gets twenty that drag the process out - wasting everybody's time.

I expect a plaque will be placed in my Realtors office with my picture, detailing the "World Record Time" on our sale. I also expect a Christmas Card and a bottle of Dom Perignon on the kitchen counter.