Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Wichita rolls out red carpet for Brian & Kellie

Actually, the speed limit was 35 along the Kellogg frontage road - as I zipped along at 47.

The Wichita Police Department, apparently thrilled at the news Brian & Kellie were in town, decided to wave us to the side of the road. The Police didn't use their flashing lights. They must have recognized us, as they flailed their arms as we approached. "Wow", I thought. Maybe they want to give us the key to the city! We met a very nice officer who immediately began writing what I assumed was an autograph request. As it turned out, he wanted my autograph, and a small donation to the city of Wichita. How honored I was to be considered a Wichita resident so quickly. I have a special number I have to call. I imagine this is a special Big Time radio host number. I can't wait to make the call. To be welcomed this way by these hard working men in uniform is flattering. If each day in Wichita is as personally satisfying as this day, I'm gonna love this place.