Friday, August 25, 2006

The biggest Refrigerator ever.

Often on these pages I fantasize about things I want. This is what I want. New from General Electric. The 6 foot wide REFRIGERATOR!

It's called the "Monogram" and costs over $13,000. It's a built in fridge with the freezer on the bottom. If you subscribe to the "bigger is better" theory, this fridge is for you. Never mind that you'll have to tear down a couple of walls in your kitchen to install this baby.

The advantages are obvious. You can store enough food in this appliance to reduce your grocery store trips to three times a year. Rent a truck, go to the grocery store, spend about $3000, and fill 'er up. I often end up with too many salad dressings. No big deal now. I could store 25 half used ranch dressing bottles here. I could have 15 ketchups and countless jars of pickles. I could hoard mustard. I could buy 10 gallons of milk. Hell, I could buy a dairy cow and store every drop. When cheese is on sale you can buy every bag. Who doesn't like Ice Cream? Why limit yourself to vanilla, when you can have your own "virtual Baskin Robbins" with 31 different flavors?

See what I mean? This is the answer to my prayers. I figure I can get it installed with about
$10,000 in modifications to my kitchen. Add the $13,000 purchase price and a $23,000 bank loan - and for about $500 a month for 72 months - Fridge Nirvana.

Every 30 days I'll make my House payment, Car payments, Credit Card payments and my Fridge payment. If I miss a payment, let's just see if the bank resists repossession. After all, they'll have to remove my roof to lift it out with a crane.


Your Daughter said...

My stomach just did a flip-flop thinking about having that fridge. I'd have to remove my stove and sink in order to fit it into my tiny apartment, but heck - it would be worth it not to have to take my car to the grocery store and lose my killer parking spot!

Surveysez said...

And after I spent that money I could pay the movers to take out the kitchen fridge, the spare in the basement for overflow, and the chest freezer in the porch. The ones that are all paid for and don't owe anyone anything.

If they really want to impress me, why don't they make a fridge with a glass door like a soda pop cooler so the kids can locate what they want in the fridge BEFORE they open the damned door. Plus they could loose the freezer portion, cause why do I need it when not 15 feet away is a chest freezer?

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