Monday, August 21, 2006

What does Bush have to do with JonBenet?

It took less than a week for someone to accuse the Bush Administration of having something to do with the obsessive JonBenet Ramsey coverage.

The theory is, if the newschannels are talking about JonBenet, they're not talking about Iraq - and Iraq is something the administration doesn't want us talking about.

If you're still with me, Arianna Huffington is the dolt with the accusation. Arianna. Ya know, the lost Gabor sister? "Dahling, the Bush must be soooo happy!" Sure, the newschannels are on to something else. That's what newschannels do. They aren't in the news game for historic record. They're not there to promote an agenda. The newschannels exist to cover the news. I think we all agree that Iraq as a news story was cooked a long time ago. Americas work in Iraq will be long & exaustive. Newschannels don't have the fortitude to stick with it. Is this bad for anyone? Yes. It's bad for the naysayers, the quitters & the Democrats. Without television newschannels drowning us with Iraq blather all day every day, we might go on about our lives - blind to the "mess we've made." I know our mission in Iraq will be tough, long & dangerous. I don't need CNN to tell me that. I feel safer knowing the Bush administration is hunting terrorists down.

JonBenet is the news. The asswipe with the confession is the news. To accuse the Bush administration of celebrating Iraqs "fall from front page grace" - is absurd.

Most of America know what's going on in Iraq, and believe in the mission no matter how much Arianna doesn't support it. What I wanna know is, what is going to happen with the JonBenet asswipe? The newschannels are there for me.


Your Daughter said...

I don't think I'm alone in thinking that John Karr (I refuse to call him by his three names) (I doubt anyone actually says the "Mark") is one of the creepiest men I have ever seen. But despite the fact that he's creepy, I think it's extremely random for him to come forward NOW after the case has been out of the news for YEARS. I kinda don't think he did it - but then again, who on Earth would admit to killing someone that they didn't kill?

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