Monday, August 28, 2006

Jiffy Lube. Buyer beware.

Jiffy Lube is nationwide. Jiffy Lube serves 30,000,000 customers a year. Jiffy Lube is ripping you off.

OK. Maybe not. But there's a 70% chance they are.

KNBC-TV Los Angeles, planted mini TV cameras into 2 cars then took them in for service at several Southern California Jiffy Lubes. Apparently Jiffy Lube will change your oil - but that's about it. If Jiffy Lube says you need a new fuel filter - and proceeds to charge you for it - more times than not - they won't perform the work. If you pay for a transmission flush - Jiffy Lube won't do it. There's more and it's outrageous.

Have you ever inspected your dipstick after an oil change? Me neither. Have you ever stood on your head to see if you have a new fuel filter? Have you ever lifted the hood to see if you really got the new air filter you just paid for? If you weren't watching, would you really know if your tires were rotated? Would you even know what a new oil filter looked like? Would you know WHERE to look? Did you inspect your cooling system after you paid to have it flushed? Nope.

Jiffy Lube brass won't go further than to say "they'll address the situation."

Think about it. Even the oil drains from your car out of view. How am I to assume they even did the oil change?

This isn't getting enough press nationally and I'm not sure why. It seems that lazy employees simply didn't do the work, because "it was out of sight - out of mind" & "easy to get away with."

This is in no way to imply that every Jiffy Lube operates like those chosen randomly in Southern California, but it sure makes ya wonder. Makes ya want to install little cameras beneath your car, or better still, have your car inspected by another professional anytime you have work done at a "Quickie Lube Joint."

Is the muffler man trying to figure out how to make your car quiet WITHOUT really changing the muffler? Now I think if he could get away with it, he might try it. Probably did. On a deaf customer.