Monday, January 22, 2007

I prefer bad breath to Hillary Clinton.

This post won't generate much traffic. Frankly, I'm posting this just for me. Sometimes it feels good just to get your feelings out. This blog acts as therapy - and at bargain basement prices.

I can't stand Hillary Clinton. I resist saying hate, but my feelings are just short of hate. To hate her, I'd need to meet her in person. Then, I'm sure I would hate her. But, suffice it for now, I dis-like her very much. Other things I abhor come to mind. (Did I say abhor?) I don't like brussel sprouts, crying babies & rap music. I'm not fond of flat tires, skipping CD's & stains on the carpet. I can't stand the smell of women getting a perm, playing soccer, bad breath & pens that explode ink inside my shirt pocket - yet I prefer all these things to Hillary Clinton.

Why do I dislike this woman so much? I thought she held up well during Bills shenanigans, so what could it be? I know what it is plain & simple. She thinks she's smarter than me. She thinks she's smarter than anyone in the room. The "vibe" she gives off - comes from way over my head, and she feels the need to talk down to me. She is the polar opposite of Bill (I wasn't crazy about him either) - but he connected to people in a way she never will. I ask myself if she has a chance receiving votes from "regular people." These are the voters in the "fly over" states - the red states in between New York & California (The whole country) I see Homer, Ed & Jimmy sitting at a coffee shop in Springfield Missouri drinking coffee. Hillary sees herself as intellectually superior to these people. She may be, but has to be able to relate to them. Bill could - Hillary can't.

So Hillary is the front runner. According to whom? Average Americans? She is incapable of relating with an Average American. She relates to her own kind - loudmouth, activist, know-it-all, I know better than you, let me show you the way liberals - and there aren't enough of them to ever put her in the White House.

There. Done. That felt good.


Sara W. said...

You took the words right out of my mouth.

Anonymous said...

Early numbers in from IOWA. Hillary is #4! Goodbye Hill. You haven't a chance.

i d said...

Hillary has a certain look in her eye that when I notice that look from others, makes me detour around to avoid any kind of encounter. She is a very scary individual and she should not be trusted with nuclear weapons.

Anonymous said...

Anger management issues. She throws stuff. Ask Stepanopoulas & Dee Dee Myers.

Anonymous said...

The only voters for Hillary are the 2 reporters at Clinton News Network (CNN)

Anonymous said...

She's trash and has no class. My question to Hillary would be to ask to her explain how and why she has remained married to a man that has had numerous affairs... many of which came to the public's attention in various lawsuits along the way. We're talking illicit sex in the governor's mansion in Arkansas as well as in the White House.

It's Valentine's Day today but I know in my heart that love is not what has kept Hillary and Bill together... Hillary knew early on that she was going to capitalize on the Clinton name down the road to gain power of her own. Well friends, she's on that road!

Just one more question. How is it that Hillary could justify spending $5 million out of her own pocket to put into her political campaign all for a job that pays $300,000 a year? Makes no sense. And where did the $5 million come from? The Clintons professed to be broke when they left the White House. Remember that?

Peace everyone.

Bad Breath Blech said...

I can live with bad breath - but not a liberal.

KNOWsomething..damn. said...

How obvious that you're illiterate. "She's trash" If you knew anything about politicians you would know that they are (unfortunately) partially funded by big companies. Everyone has an opinion-but they're NEVER based on fact.

Anonymous said...


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