Thursday, January 25, 2007

The WWW is the Wild Wild West

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15 Seconds If you had 15 seconds to tell the world whatever you want to, what would you say? Well, now's your chance to be seen and heard on national television, courtesy of CBS Interactive. Post your 15-second video on YouTube, and CBS Interactive will select one to be broadcast on TV. The winning entry will air on CBS on Super Bowl Sunday. Every two weeks, CBS Interactive will select five videos from the "15 Seconds on CBS YouTube" group and post them on

Click over to Youtube and see some of the entries. There are hundreds.

Over the last 18 months there has been a dramatic shift in how the networks deal with Youtube. Their initial reaction was: REMOVE THOSE VIDEOS! THIS IS COPYRIGHT CONTENT! Youtube then removed them - and soon thereafter they were re-posted with different titles. This cat & mouse game went on for months. CBS, FOX & ABC these days embraces the technology and actually PROVIDES video to the site. I imagine a whole new office has opened at these networks, full of people that do nothing all day but monitor & upload video to the site. Why not? It appears NBC is slagging behind here. They appear to want to have their content exclusive to That doesn't mean NBC content isn't on the site, it is - but NBC still has videos yanked.

Youtube and the like is the future. The Internet is the WILD WILD WEST - the Genie is out of the bottle and won't go back in, Pandoras box is wide open.

It's time all media embrace the Internet. Copyrights? Spare me. ASCAP, BMI? Gimme a break. Software, music, photography, movies and now television are now - and always be free on the Internet. There's no going backwards. If you're willing to search, EVERYTHING is online - and it's all gratis.

This is how I'd spend my 15 seconds in CBS' contest. That last paragraph verbatim.