Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Chinese Law of Abundance

I came upon the law of abundance over 10 years ago. The way it was explained to me was, this was a 2000 year old ancient Chinese tradition to guarantee prosperity in the new year - adapted to modern methodology.

We are to take a blank check. Date it with the current date. Make the check out to you - using your full legal name. Leave the amount box & the amount line blank.

On the memo line write, "paid in full." Sign the check, "Law of Abundance."

Accomplish this task before the first new moon in a new year. (This year it's January 19th) Then, keep the check in your purse of wallet at all times. This check will then bring you prosperity.

I have followed this procedure for 10 years now, and instructed my listeners to do the same. Each year, I get calls from listeners who've come into money - and insist it was the check they'd written that brought about the good fortune.

I've had calls from people inheriting money from people they didn't even know. I've had the lottery winners and the gambling winners. Literally thousands of my listeners do this quirky thing each year.

Now, news from experts that we may be doing it wrong. Thinking now is, we shouldn't date the check at all - (why limit your abundance to a single day?) AND: Instead of completing the check before the first new moon, we should complete it within 24 hours of the new moon. (That means January, 18, 19 or 20.) PLUS: You don't necessarily have to keep the check with you - but simply keep it in a safe place.

I'm not sure which way to go here. I'll fill out two checks.


Marie said...

Brian, the full moon is right now, January 2, 2007, at 11:44 p.m. Central.

Briblog Blog said...

Not the full moon - the NEW moon.
Full Moon Jan 3 2007
New Moon Jan 19 2007
Full Moon Feb 2 2007
New Moon Feb 17 2007
Full Moon Mar 3 2007
New Moon Mar 19 2007
Full Moon Apr 2 2007
New Moon Apr 17 2007
Full Moon May 2 2007
New Moon May 16 2007
Full Moon Jun 1 2007
New Moon Jun 15 2007
Full Moon Jun 30 2007
New Moon Jul 14 2007
Full Moon Jul 30 2007
New Moon Aug 12 2007
Full Moon Aug 28 2007
New Moon Sep 11 2007
Full Moon Sep 26 2007
New Moon Oct 11 2007
Full Moon Oct 26 2007
New Moon Nov 9 2007
Full Moon Nov 24 2007
New Moon Dec 9 2007
Full Moon Dec 24 2007

Marie said...

Oh, yeah. I knew that. It's be so long. They don't let us out often enough.

Thanks for so nicely reminding me to read what I'm reading.

Mike said...

Is your experience with this the same as your listeners?

LD said...

Yeah, Bri. How's your experience? If if works for you, could I borrow a couple of grand until payday?

Briblog Blog said...

I haven't "lost ground" since starting the checks years ago. I did win $3 in the Big Game Tuesday - after writing the check. Kellie wants a sandwich.

Springfield fan said...

I have never experienced financial wealth from this but have noticed another pattern. After several years of trying to have a baby I first did this in 2003 and became pregnant with my first child who was born in April of 2004. I next did this in 2005 and then had twins in December of that year. I skipped 2006 but tried it again in 2007 and to my HUGE surprise turned up pregnant again! Not sure yet whether I want to risk it this year, but my pocket book sure could use a financial boost to assist with diapers and child care for four kids under the age of four!

Anonymous said...

My Husband heard about this on a radio station. We tried it, what do we have to loose, a check. The first year we did this we were in an apartment are credit wasnt so good we were expecting a little one and looking for a house. The amount that was approved for us at first, let's just say we would have been better off renting. In one month after doing the law of abundance are credit scores jumped up to 100 points each. We were approved for a house up to five hundred thousand dollars. There has been so much more that has happened to us. It seem like everytime I pull the check out to look at it something good happens.I am very belssed to have heard about this.

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