Monday, November 06, 2006

$2 bills are back!

The $2 bill is back and no-one knows why. Banks are ordering more, and mints are printing more. The lowly $2 bill. Experts are really in a quandary why Americans are finally asking for, and using $2 bills. They've been around forever - used mostly in greeting cards from Grandma's. I gave them away to trick or treaters two years ago. The kids went nuts. Why now? The dollar coin flopped. More than once. Strippers. Gotta be strippers. Slipping dollar bills into garter belts no longer cuts it. Inflation demands that those tips for lap dances increase to $2. Nothing makes this stripper transaction easier than the $2 bill. Vending machines have to be next. Many machines already cost more than one dollar - so make the "bill sucker" accept "2's" - and voila - soda and change. On the retail level, workers are apparently "becoming comfortable with "2's." This of course, screws up cash registers with slots for everything but "2's." It looks like our society is opening up to "2's", and this a good thing - because we all know you can't buy jack with a one.


The Abstract Prosaic said...

The $2 bill is coming back, but we still don't have a real dollar coin. Dumb.

Your Daughter said...

I was having a discussion with my friend Elizabeth and she said that when passing a homeless man on the street, she would rather throw a dollar coin at him than anything else. I support this message.

somebody said...