Saturday, November 04, 2006

Google in 1999

This IS Google in 1999. All of it. This is the hardware that now OWNS the Internet just 7 years later.

2-Pentium II 300mhz, 512mb, five 9gb drives
2-Pentium II 300mhz, 512mb, four 9gb drives
4-PPC 604 333mhz, 512mb, eight 9gb drives
2-UltraSparc II 200mhz, 256mb, three 9gb drives, six 4gb drives
Disk expansion, eight 9gb drives
Disk expansion, ten 9gb drives

That's a total of:
1792 megabytes of memory
366 gigabytes of disk storage
2933 megahertz in 10 CPUs

Here is Google today.
Just an upgrade or two. Why didn't I think of this?