Friday, November 03, 2006

Elections in 4 days and I'm gonna blow!

I have so much on my mind - today - just bullet points.

On Election night, the networks plan to send two representatives each to a "quarantine room." This will be where all the exit polling data will be organized and scrutinized. Blackberry's & cell phones will not be allowed. The data will be released to the TV networks at the same time - so there will be no "Kerry is President" eggs on faces. The networks will be beside themselves waiting to declare that the Democrats have taken control of the House & the Senate. It won't happen - this post is timestamped.

The Simpsons "Tree House of Horror" Halloween episode is Sunday on FOX. Even the Simpsons get political - when they compare a bungled alien attack of Springfield to the U.S.'s invasion of Iraq. Doh!

Speculation today is that gas prices will jump right after the election. A former White House staffer (Clinton admin.) - points to the $32 million donated to Republicans and the $7 million donated to Democrats by the Oil Companies. The Oil Companies will want to recoup that cash after the election. Shit, this is the profit any weekday between 8am & Noon. Doh! - again.

And lastly - A Seattle school bus driver had stopped her bus for a Presidential motorcade to pass. The president waved at the students as he passed. The students waved back. The bus driver gave President Bush "the finger." A Congressman riding with the President contacted the bus company later - and the driver was fired. The only ADULT on the bus set a great example for the young minds on board. The company cites "unprofessional conduct." I'd say.

Down side is - my tax dollars will now go to this twerp - who'll likely retreat to the couch for a few months.