Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Did I become a Democrat or what?

I am an overly optimistic person. I awaken each day believing it will be a nice day. Every day can't of course, be a nice day - some days are crappy days. Politically, yesterday was a crappy day. But, me with my eager outlook, woke up today in a good mood. I felt rested, laughed at it all this morning - and suddenly realized I may have a problem. Was my mood possibly associated with my subconsciously switching parties last night? Have I become a Democrat? I do like winners after all. Maybe, watching the returns last night, the moment it looked like the Dems were gonna take the House, I mentally switched parties! Maybe I so badly wanted to be on the winning team, I switched sides! My God - what will my family think? My deceased Grandmother raised me to be a staunch Republican since birth. The political leanings of my family are actually a little right of the John Birch Society - we just don't carry guns. What will my Mother think? I will no longer be able to talk to my father. My brothers will resent me. My oldest son will stop coming over. I thought I hated Nancy Pelosi. Maybe I was wrong all along and had been brainwashed - last night coming to my senses!!! Will I vote for Hillary or Obama in two years? Will I finally see something redeeming in Ted Kennedy? And Al Gore & John Kerry - Oh Gore & Kerry - will I now see their unique point of view?

This feeling though quickly passed. I realized it was simply a sunny beautiful day in November that was causing me to be in a good mood. Then, upon reflecting on the Democratic wins last night, I developed acid reflux.