Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Mexican Thanksgiving

Turkey. Dressing. Green bean casserole. Please. For the love of God and all things Holy - can't we begin to mix it up? I want Mexican. What's wrong with Thanksgiving tacos? How about Burritos? I love nachos. Isn't this holiday all about family? Of course it is. If the fam is in place, no meal should be off limits. Do it right though. Warm the tortillas. Shred your own cheese. make fresh guacamole. Make homemade salsa. Don't forget the re-fried beans & sour cream.

Get with this Mexican program people. You'll define the holiday in a most unique way - as unique as the people that make up your family. Why are we in lock step with this turkey "tradition?" Hell, the Pilgrims didn't even have turkey - they ate eel. Does Butterball have an eel?

When everyone shows up for your Mexican Fiesta Thanksgiving - they may at first be taken aback - but I guarantee they'll talk about the moment all year long - until next Thanksgiving - when you get around to serving eel.