Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Clorox Easter Basket

Easter Baskets. Girls dig Easter baskets. Girls never outgrow Easter baskets. Trust me on this. If you have a girl in your life, Sunday is the day. It's up to you. BUT, whatever you do - don't give the typical Easter basket. Grown up girls have no interest in hollow chocolate rabbits & fake plastic grass. They want unique baskets tailored to their personality. It's easy to do. Think about what your girl obsesses about. This will be the theme of your basket. My girl obsesses about cleaning. Here is my Sunday basket plan.

Beautiful basket containing:
Bed of cleaning rags. Large bottle of Clorox Cleanup. Bottle of Bleach alternative Dawn dishwashing liquid. Several Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. A couple Chore Boy scrubbing sponges. Scrubbing Bubbles. Febreeze & about a dozen bar soaps.

Sunday will be magical as my girl awakens to her basket of cleaning goodies. Her eyes will open wide with anticipation of cleaning with her special Easter cleaners. I love this woman. I really do. My house smells great and my Easter girl smells like cleansers.