Wednesday, April 26, 2006

White Trash has gone Mainstream. Uggh.

White Trash has gone mainstream. It's now officially trendy to be White Trash. I know something about White Trash. WT is all around me. I encounter WT everyday. WT is what makes me nervous about Wal Mart. WT is in the car in front of me, at the table next to me in restaurants and where I work.

I've joked all of my life that I too - was WT in denial. That's only partly true. I have never been WT - nor were my parents. But, go back a generation - and there is some WT sharing my last name.

I worked at a Radio Station in New Orleans back in the 80's. WT was everywhere. The black population far outnumbered Anglos, but the whites there are predominately WT. The dictionary defines WT this way:
White Trash n. Offensive Slang.
Used as a disparaging term for a poor white person or poor white people.
Used as a disparaging term for a white person or white people perceived as being lazy and ignorant.

Poor, Lazy & Ignorant? Partly. Today, it's a "look". This "look" is the WT that's "trendy".

Blame it all on Britney Spears. Brit is the WT poster child. She's barefoot, pregnant (for the 2nd. time), in short short cut off jeans. She's in a tube top or sleeveless tank most of the time. Her baby falls out of the highchair and cracks it's skull. Her home is a mess. Her husband is scum. Britney Spears is worth close to $100 million. Money no longer defines WT.

My Name is Earl. Jerry Springer. Paris Hilton. Toby Keith. Kid Rock. Jewel Encrusted Cell Phones. Trucker hats. These are the things that are taking WT mainstream. It's tatoos, piercings & bad hair-cuts.

What Rosanne Barr began 20 years ago, Larry the Cable Guy is finishing up. WT is here to stay.

It used to be WT lived in trailers. WT call them trailers, not mobile homes. Look closely at those under your roof. Maybe you have WT in your home. Show them the way before it's too late.