Monday, April 17, 2006

The future of Television is here

I'm a radio man. I've never had a handle on what people will watch on TV. I remember laughing when Ted Turner launched CNN. "How on Earth can they find enough news to broadcast around the clock?" My thinking just wasn't progressive enough. I laughed when they introduced the Weather Channel. I smirked when ESPN launched. OK, so network television isn't my bag.

I used to laugh at bowling on TV. I watched it alright. Chris Schenkel (above left) on ABC on Saturday afternoons. I watched - I just thought it was dumb. I've never liked televised golf. I turned my nose up at televised Poker. C'mon! Cards on TV? Yep, and all of the above got or continue to get - RATINGS. I clearly know nothing about Television - so the news that I got today - I will embrace. I will not make fun. I will acknowledge that todays news just might change TV forever.

USA Network is about to launch MLG. Major League Gaming. Televised Video Game competition. Profiles, behind the scenes with the players, stats, slo-mo replays, a blimp overhead - the whole friggin' deal. Close-ups of thumbs on controllers and players hints on how to take meals in front of the television as they continue to play. Maybe you sense I'm being sarcastic. I'm not - this will be big. And if Major League Gaming isn't enough,

ESPN just announced that they're about to cover DOMINO tournaments. I'm serious. Shoot me. It's come to Dominos on TV. I have too many channels if there's a slot for Dominos. Makes Chris Schenkel look good doesn't it?