Thursday, October 26, 2006

Busch stadium. I'm pissed, and I wasn't even there.

I was upset I couldn't get tickets to a Busch stadium World Series game. I quickly got over it. After all, thousands want tickets too. I've resigned myself to watching the games on FOX. I'm still upset.

What happened last night was bizarre at best. Anyone with half a brain and a radar screen - knew Game 4 was going to be rained out. Yet, FOX insisted "This will pass soon, and we'll get this game in tonight." We were then treated to episode after episode of "The war at Home." The game was the carrot - and FOX held it out there in front of our noses all night. FOX was obviously afraid that if the game had been "called" at 7:30p - (as it should have) - their cume audience would flee elsewhere. FOX throws around alot of weight with MLB. They used their muscle last night and we all suffered. We were all made fools of.

It could've been worse. You might have been at Busch stadium last night. Fans weren't allowed to leave. Thousands, holding that "once in a lifetime" ticket - were told they couldn't exit & re-enter - even if they were back before first pitch.

This left 55,000 people huddled, trying to keep warm for 3 hours (fans are instructed to be in their seats by 6:30.) It's 39 degrees, the only heat in the place is in the suites - (not even the press box is heated) - leaving fans one thing to do - eat or shop. Sweatshirt & Cards jacket sales were through the roof. Fans knew the game was a washout. Busch management put the Weather Service radar image on the scoreboard. 55,000 people knew there would be no game. BUT - fans received calls & text messages from those outside watching FOX. They assured the fans that FOX says the game is on - "it's only a matter of time".

There's more.

Busch officials say if you hold a ticket for the rained out Game 4 - your ticket is now good for Game 5. This means - the thousands who weathered last night, will have to wait until Game 5 - to see Game 4. Huh?
How many people will show at Busch tonight with tickets for Game 4 - and tonight is Game 4 - and be told you'll have to wait until game 5? Thousands? Yep. And what about those WHO DO get inside tonight? There is a 90% chance of rain tonight. Better bring something to read. Something waterproof - that you might be able to burn for heat.