Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fair Weather MLB fan gets "Politically Incorrect"

I am the ultimate "fair weather" baseball fan. I am the "Johnny come lately." I'm the fan at the end of the season when things are going well. I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan.

The number of games they play a season these days is nearly 200. That's nearly 600 hours I just don't have. What I do have is 60 seconds a day to check a sports page, or 15 seconds to catch a score on TV. I'm usually aware where my Cardinals stand. Of the team roster during the season, I could name probably no more than 4. But come playoff time, if my Cardinals are "in it" - look out - Katie bar the door.

Post Season baseball emotionally takes me back to the 60's. When the Cardinals were in the playoffs or the series back then - my elementary school would roll in "the big black & white TV on the cart" - and we'd watch the day games in lieu of schoolwork. Can you imagine? We'd spend all afternoon at our desks cheering Tim McCarver, Mike Shannon, Bob Gibson & Curt Flood.

Now that the Cards are in the World series, my schedule adapts to watch every game. I even tried to get tickets to a game at Busch. I would have happily paid $200 a ticket if they'd been available. I cheer these guys with no guilt that my interest begins only the last week of the season. Yes, I applaud the fans that are there all season long. Without them, my Cardinals wouldn't exist. Hell, I don't even own a Cardinals T-shirt or hat.

I am so naive to the workings of Major league baseball that I have a non politically correct statement to make. Forgive me. Remember, this is from a man that hasn't followed pro baseball religiously for 40 years - What is it with all the Mexicans? Or Puerto Ricans - or whatever all these guys are? Now there are even a few Japanese players. People used to joke that Pro Baseball existed so white guys would have a sport to play. That still might be true, but the rosters seem to be mostly Central American. Yes I remember Roberto Clemente & Matty Alou. I know this infusion began years ago, but it seems to be at a zenith. It's almost as if the sports page should read, St. Louis' Central Americans defeated New Yorks' Central Americans in game one of the World Series.

Do Central American ball players possess more skills? Do they have better vision that allows them to see and therefor hit a 100 mph fastball? Are they say, for example like Nigerian long distance runners?

I've raised 3 boys and I know what's going on. Each and everyone had/has the ability to play baseball well. Each might have been able to make their way to the major leagues. But, all 3 were far more interested in video baseball than the real thing.


manny rivera said...

Amo la demostración. Convengo totalmente con usted Brian. Hay manera también muchos americanos centrales en béisbol profesional.

Chico Esquela said...

Beseballs been beddy beddy good to me.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...