Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Trick or Treating for Hot Sauce

I turned into the "crazy house on the street" about 15 years ago. I wanted to mess with the Trick or Treaters minds. Instead of candy, I assembled on a table just inside the door, all of the leftovers from my refrigerator. I had Chinese still in the boxes, Rice Pilaf, green beans, pork & beans, deli meat, cheese & spaghetti. The kids shouted, "Trick or Treat" - and I asked them what they wanted - Spaghetti or Sweet & Sour Chicken? They freaked. Some said, "I'll have the green beans please." I liked those kids.

I did it again the next year. This time with personal hygiene products. "Who wants mouthwash?" "Me - Me - Me!", they said. I remember giving a kid a can of hair spray and him saying, "Thanks Mr. for the hairspray!"

One year it was Hot sauces & Picante sauce. I had cases of the stuff and the kids thought it was great. One year it was salad dressings. "Who wants French?" "Do you have Bleu Cheese?" "Sure kid, do you want dry or creamy Bleu Cheese?" I drop this stuff in the bag or the plastic pumpkin or whatever.

Last year it was $2 bills.

Now, 15 years later, a whole generation of kids have grown up - coming to my house, and they look forward to what ever I'm doing. One thing for sure, they'll remember me and this stupid bit - for the rest of their lives.

This year? The "Halloween Boo-ffet." Hambooogers, Halloweenies & Chicken for the chickens. Kids can dress their sandwiches with blood or mucus (their choice.) I'll drag the Charmglow into the garage and serve over 200 sandwiches.

Next year? I wanna do jewelry. Rings & earrings. I'm dead serious.


The Abstract Prosaic said...

Do you serve boo-eer for the adults?

neighborhood eater said...

Thanks for the chow. You are a trip.

Your Daughter said...

My favorite (probably because it was one of the few that I was there for) was when you gave the kids fried chicken. Oh boy Chicken!!!

benson said...

Omigod....I haven't laughed so hard in a long time....

BTW, congrats on the Redbirds.

I remember getting offered a ticket back in '82 and turning it down. Never said I had any brains. Thought of that last year when I was online trying to score a Sox ticket and them all being gone in seconds.

Anonymous said...