Wednesday, October 11, 2006

My IM's to Barbra Streisand

The mid term elections are a month away. (Wait a minute - .........I just received an inappropriate IM from a Congressman.)

Denny Hastert called me to assure me he wasn't going to resign. I assured him I wouldn't resign either - after all, I'm the King of inappropriate IM's - I just limit them to people of age - people I know - people who have come to expect inappropriateness from me.

I'd like to IM Barbra Streisand.

*Bri987 "Babs. Shut your mouth."
*BSnose66 "Who is this?"
*Bri987 "Brian Pierce. Where do you get off screaming to a fan to Shut the Fuck up?"
*BSnose66 "You shut the fuck up."
*Bri987 "Barbra, is that any way to talk to someone?"
*BSnose66 "Fuck you, you fucking fucker."
*Bri987 "I haven't played your music on the air for over 30 years."
*BSnose66 "Fuck all you fucking DJ's."
*Bri987 "Where did you get that mouth Babs?"
*BSnose66 "The fucking Republicans make me do it. They make me fucking talk this way."
*Bri987 "Don't you have a new album out? Maybe I should consider playing on the air."
*BSnose66 "I'm sorry. Who is this again?"
*Bri987 "Brian Pierce. I host a radio show. My audience is adult women who might still wanna buy your albums."
*BSnose66 "I am truly sorry for the language Brian. I just get upset. At Madison Square Garden Monday, I wasn't on my medication. I really hope you'll consider me for airplay."
*Bri987 "Barbra. I've heard most of the new album, and I don't think you're gonna make the cut."
*BSnose66 "Well Fuck you then."