Thursday, October 05, 2006

Travis Barker makes me laugh.

This is a dipshit. This is what a loser looks like. Here is a wiener. Here is a man who surely embarasses his parents. Here is the look of unemployment. This is what uneducated looks like. Jeez. THIS IS THE MAN PARIS HILTON IS CURRENTLY "SEEING."

I give you Travis Barker - a drummer in a band called "+44". OK, so he has a job at the moment. What will he do after the band gig? I look at this mess of a man and laugh. How on Earth does a person conclude this is the way to present themselves?

I'll have the last laugh. Trav' will know what I mean whan he's 30. That's all it'll take. He'll regret all this by the time he hits 30. Copy this photo and advise your sons to avoid emulating this man in any way.