Thursday, June 29, 2006

Don't tell me not to drink from the hose.

Now I'm being told it's dangerous to drink from a hose.

The following from a Government release:
No. A standard vinyl garden hose has substances in it to keep the hose flexible. These chemicals, which get into the water as it goes through the hose, are not good for you. They are not good for animals or pets, either, so filling drinking containers for them out of a garden hose is not a good idea unless the water is allowed to run a while to flush the hose before using the water. However, one type of hose on the market is made with a "food-grade" plastic that is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and will not contaminate the water. Campers with recreational vehicles should use this type of hose when hooking up to a drinking water tap at a campsite. Check with a store that sells accessories for recreational vehicles. Even a well-flushed vinyl hose or a food-grade plastic hose can cause problems, however. The outside thread opening at the end could be covered with chemicals or germs from a previous use. Some children in Gainesville, Fla. became sick after filling water bottles from a hose that had been used to wash garbage cans. There is also the risk that chemicals or poisons can be sucked back into the hose, through backflow, and then re-released.

For the love of God and all things Holy - stop trying to keep me from killing myself. Frankly, I should be dead already. I've swallowed thousands of gallons of hose water. On a hot day, I consider the metallic, rubber taste of hose water - flavoring. The sweet flavor of memories. Hose water has a distinct taste. Hose water takes me back to baseball games and tag. Hose water reminds me of cutting my Grandmas' grass. Water the plants, fill the dog bowl and grab a sip. Spray the patio, wash the car and suck a swig.

Show me the data that concludes I'm at risk drinking from my hose. If I connect a bottle of insecticide to the hose, I wash it off. I'm not putting my lips to rogue hoses. I pretty much know the provenance of my hoses. I always blow the hot, stagnant water out before drinking.

I won't drink from paint cans. I won't drink from old gas cans. I won't wash out a varnish can and re-use it as a water glass. I won't serve ice cold hose water in old bug killer bottles.

If you're stupid enough to poison yourself with hose water - consider it "cleansing the herd" - of the weakest links.