Monday, June 26, 2006

Why it's important to wear a jock.

Ask Tyler Bennet from Colts Neck High School in New Jersey. Ty plays basketball for Colts Neck and had pictures of him playing ball published in the schools' yearbook. Ty was "hanging out" in a couple of the shots - exposed. No one really noticed, but Tyler sure did. Ty's certainly embarrassed. First off, no one noticed until he drew attention to it. Now the whole school has examined his genetalia. Apparently, you have to look closely, but once you do - make no mistake - Tylers there in all his Junior in High School glory. Tyler sued everyone. the school, the Principal, the yearbook advisor, the school board - Tyler demanded all the books be re-called. Tyler claims "emotional distress".

It gets better. The judge threw the case out saying, "It's not that big a deal". The judge suggests he take the case to "small claims court". It's a small little thing. The school was "short-sighted". The wee picture of the "wee" requires a magnifying glass to see it.

Geez. I see why this kid sued. I'd be embarrassed too. Of course, this would never happen to me - as it would be obvious to anyone during the screening process that "something was up with this picture!"