Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Saying "Ass" - on the radio

I heard a kid on the radio today say "Ass." In the course of one break on air, he said "Ass" three times. "Whoever" hanging out with your Ass. Get your Ass over to "wherever". Coming up for your Ass, I'm gonna play "whatever".

Good Lord man. Take it easy. Have you just discovered that you can say "Ass" on the radio and not get in trouble? Maybe you believe saying "Ass" gives you an "attitude" that listeners will find desirable. Maybe it's that saying "Ass" makes you "feel cool". Maybe you feel the people listening to you are "Asses". Maybe you've decided to speak exclusively to your audiences rear. I'm not sure. I continued listening. Less than 10 minutes later you spoke again and said "Ass" twice. "Boy, my ass is hot" & something about "getting my ass to do something".

Ass is a good word. I use it now and then too. I just don't make it a point to use it as frequently as "Assman."

Here's a hint for a young broadcaster. Go ahead - use Ass. Say it as much as you want. Two things will be accomplished. One - you'll drive audience to my "non-ass" saying station and Two - You'll make it clear who the Ass is......you.