Tuesday, June 20, 2006

When goin' to work - GET DRESSED.

I see it everyday. People at work - who are not dressed for work. It's pretty clear that when you're the Bank President, you - well, dress like a Bank President. It's all those little jobs underneath Bank President that seem to confuse so many. I work for a Radio Station. Generally, our company dress is casual. But everyday I see Beer logo t-shirts, shorts, sandals & pajamas. The PJ's came on the scene recently. It makes sense to me that if you come in contact with clients of your business, you need to make an effort to get dressed. By dressed, I mean - completely dressed. I'd love to wear flip flops to work. I'd love to wear a ball cap and running shorts, but I don't. At the very least I wear Khakis & a dress shirt. When the weathers extremely hot (or cold with snow) - I may wear jeans. If it's gonna be 90 degrees, I "may" opt for a tee shirt - but it's logo-less & clean. If I have any client contact scheduled, I'm dressed to represent my company.

I'm not griping about my company. Often when there's an employee wearing something offensive, they are told to leave & change. If you find yourself at work wearing pajama pants, flip flops and a Heavy Metal T-Shirt, you might wanna reconsider your clothing options. You'd probably agree that the well dressed employees make more money than you do. Has it ever occurred to you that maybe the way you dress is why?

I worked with a kid a few years ago that dressed like a slob everyday. He had all the talent in the world, but it was hard to look past the piercings, tattoos & grease stained shirt. He's no longer with the company. He didn't know what hit him. I bet he feels he was treated unfairly - when it was he that treated his position and my company unfairly.

These underdressers are everywhere. They work in the businesses we frequent. You won't have to look hard to spot them. Be part of the solution and not part of the problem. If it's a weekday and you're reporting to work, for the love of GOD - put on some clothes. Your Mother will be proud.