Thursday, May 18, 2006

Beans on Toast. Uggh.

Let's look at possible "quickie things to eat."
Bologna & Cheese.
Chips & Dip.
Fish & Chips.
Burger & Fries.
Macaroni & Cheese.
Beans on Toast.

Which of the above doesn't belong? Beans on Toast? Nope. Heinz is betting you are ready for Beans on Toast. Heinz is set to release a "ready meal" version of Beans on Toast. A foil pack with pork & beans sandwiched between two slices of bread - that you can toast or grill. Much thought went onto Beans on Toast - specifically, how many beans can you put between two slices of white bread before the bread becomes soggy from the sauce. Heinz scientists insist "they have it" and are ready for the national roll-out.

Who might eat Beans on Toast? Heinz believes students - because there are no dishes to wash - and they're easy to prepare because apparently all you have to do is, "think Pop Tart" - and ya got it.

I've eaten alot of bizarre things. Hell, I eat things no one else in my family would even think of eating - but - Beans on Toast is where I'm going to draw the line. I like beans. I like toast. If they were separate, I might even dip my toast in the bean sauce, but this is being touted as a main course - when it's an incomplete side dish at best.

I'll wait for the Beans, Potato Salad & Burger on Toast - surely that'll be next.


Anonymous said...

Bri, your ol' pal Benson from WCVS days....thanks for the blog. Used the beans bit this email from a listener..."Beans on toast is a British thing. My husband is from Wales and not only does he eat it, I have to make it for him sometimes. Can you say nasty?" But as I told her and the listeners, be glad he's not Polish and you don't have to make him Duck's blood soup.

Briblog Blog said...

Dave Benson is @ WKFR Kalamazoo and waaaay too old to still be playin' the hits!!!!

Thanks for the note Dave. All the best.

Anonymous said...