Sunday, May 21, 2006

Neuview Glasses

You're about to blow your top. Doesn't matter why - you may have just stubbed your toe. You want to scream. Maybe you want to strangle someone - maybe the person that caused you to stub your toe.

Just put on your sunglasses. Your Neuview Lateral glasses. Get a load of this. Neuview glasses direct light at an angle to the optic nerve. The result is said to activate the more rational left side of the brain to balance the emotional right brain that is inflamed during stressful moments.
The idea was researched and developed for psychotherapy at Harvard Medical School.

All right!! Get a pair of these and toss them to your spouse when they get all worked up. "Honey, just put on the glasses. Honey? Put on the glasses. You know how much better you feel when you put on the glasses. Hey! What are you doing? OOOOWWWW!" You now have glasses stuck in your butt. $72 wasted. Because those that need Neuview glasses will be the last to realize they need Neuview glasses.