Friday, May 19, 2006

Internet addicts - Get a life!

Internet addiction. Here it comes. Doctors & Psychiatrists agree - about 10% of us are addicted to the internet. It's basic human nature to over - indulge. It''s like when I do a broadcast at a car dealer and I have a huge box of doughnuts to give away, a man drives up in an old Ford wagon - his family piles out, and they proceed to eat all the Donuts. It's happened dozens of times. Sometimes it's Hot Dogs. The Internet is the Donut/Hot Dog, and we are the family in the Ford.

Families and relationships are falling apart because someone (or both of you) - won't sign the Hell off. What's wrong with you? Hours and hours spent gazing into a screen, until your eyes blur - and for what? Have you ever really gone back and looked at what you surfed when you spent that whole night on-line? You saw music videos, played a flash Brad Pitt pinball game (Brads head was the ball), you looked at curtains and shoes for a while, you investigated the South beach Diet and looked at the September 11 attack from 14 different views. You wrote a letter to your sister, and downloaded a weather bug that was a bug and infected your computer. You then spent one hour screwing with your virus scan trying to get your browser to show anything other than on line poker. Once you got that squared away - you played on line poker and while you didn't lose any money, you gave your e-mail address to a company in Antigua - that's already flooding your e-mail box with on line college degree offers. You bought a couple I-Tunes and a ringtone that sounds like rabbits. That reminded you to spend your on line store Easter gift certificate - so you do - and a Big Toe ring will be shipped in 3 to 5 days. GOOD LORD.

Stop it. Click out of this window. Shut the PC off. Go to "Start" (lower left) and shut the thing off. Do it now. You won't. You can't. You're part of the 10% aren't you?

You're taking all the Doughnuts and Hot Dogs and have only yourself to blame.


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