Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I bet Brad & Angelinas' baby is ugly.

Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt, the baby born Saturday to Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, was delivered by C-section. In a statement, Jolie thanked the staff of Cottage medi-Clinic Hospital. Jolie's obstetrician from Los Angeles, Dr. Jason Rothbart says that he delivered the child, weighing seven pounds, by Caesarean section "due to breech presentation," and that the birth went "flawlessly. Brad was with Angelina in the operating room the entire time and cut the umbilical cord of his daughter."

(The baby was reportedly in good health, though the family was yet to make a public appearance.) WHY?????

What if this baby isn't the "most beautiful baby" ever? The parents - who almost everyone agrees are beautiful - may have spawned an ugly child. Irony? You bet. Only time will tell. Brad & Angelina have had it good. They've been beautiful their whole lives. They've been doted on, fought over, and led a generally better life than most of us - because of their looks. They've made millions on their appearance. Jen Anniston was apparently too average looking for Brad - and he strayed. Wouldn't it be sweet if the seed of these two perfect people resulted in an ugly baby? They'd have no option but to drape her with cloth like Michael Jackson does his kids. Photographic rights to the worlds first look at this baby have already been sold. Pitt & Jolie made over $3 million - and intend to donate the $ to charity. If this photo is somehow delayed, it can mean only one thing. Ugly baby. Maybe the baby will be so ugly even touching up the picture won't help.

My moneys on ugly baby. But we won't say a thing - will we? "Oh, what a pretty baby!" But with parents like Shiloh Nouvel has - certainly someone will blurt out, "Jeez! What the Hell happened here?"