Thursday, May 11, 2006

More car for the money.

I own two cars. A Toyota and a Chevy truck. Neither especially luxurious or expensive. I would though, love to give the impression I have more money than I do. Americans do this - because we are judged by the cars we drive. I don't have enough money to drive the cars I'd like to drive - or do I?

Now, through the magic of acrylic computer generated stickers, I can drive anything I want to.
Simply select the car you'd like to drive. A sticker of that car is then placed on the car you currently drive. Only under close inspection will people realize you don't drive a Cobra GT - but a Ford Fiesta. Your Chevy Cavalier can instantly become an Acura NSX.

Three problems: One, Which car do you pay to insure? The car or the sticker? Two, Getaway cars used in crimes will likely be stickered to throw off witnesses. Three, Won't this make your bad car more likely to be stolen? Car thieves aren't the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Look closely next time you see a Ferarri - it might be a Hyundai.