Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Mr. Immigration Man.

It's a song by Crosby & Nash - and a man with his hands tied.

In Chicago, police estimated that 400,000 illegal immigrants marched through the business district, while in New York and Los Angeles hundreds of thousands more did the same. Another 75,000 walked in Denver, about 15,000 in Houston, 50,000 in San Jose and 30,000 more across Florida.

Ann Coulter said it best. "Why not drop a net on these people?"

What do the Illegals want? For their status to go on as it has for years? Illegals want the rewards of citizenship without the sacrifice. Over 30% of every dollar I make - I send to my Government in taxes. I have to. I have a real Social Security number. I am a citizen of the United States. I pay for the roads. I pay for the schools. I pay the Politicians & Police. I fund the environmentalists. I pay benefits to illegal residents of my country. That's right. I pay for food, shelter & clothes for people that are in no way my responsibility. Are the Illegals paying taxes? C'mon. Yes, migrants are a part of our economy. They TAKE from the economy - and don't give back. What do the Illegals want? I don't hear anyone saying they want to become citizens. Why not? Because the deal they have now is sweet.

I've thought it through. I want to exit America, change my name & political status - and re-enter Illegally. I can re-assume the same job I have now, get paid off the books, get free health care, food stamps & rent vouchers. I'm gonna be much better off. When's the next march? I'm in.

Benito Piercequez


Your Daughter said...

They were really loud, and everyone at my company was scared that the commute home Monday would be jam-packed with Mexicans.
And it was.

Jose said...

Escucho Brian y Kellie diario y amor todo usted . WNNS es el mejor, y esto es un blog bastante bueno. Continúe el buen trabajo. Adiós Brian.

Illinois said...

I can't stand Ann Coulter, but I agreed with her. Why didn't they bring in the National Guard along with a bunch of busses (or semi-trailers, they're used to those anyway right?) and send their happy asses back across the border?

I've had it with the illegals taking everything we work for while the dumbasses in DC allow it.

Anonymous said...