Thursday, May 18, 2006

Paul and the future Ex Mrs. McCartney

Poor Sir Paul. Paul McCartney & Heather Mills are "separated" - after just 4 years. I heard someone comment yesterday, "who cares?" It's not difficult to see why there's interest - after all, Paul was married to Linda for such a long time. It was an enduring love that lasted "until death do us part."

Paul instigated the separation. Right there - it gets bizarre. I've seen divorce statistics that indicate an overwhelming number of divorces (or separations) - are initiated by the woman. It's waaay out of whack. Something like 90% of divorces are pursued by dis-satisfied women. Men, (by and large) - are like old dogs. Loyal & true to the bitter end. Look at the divorces around you. Most, if not all, are initiated by women. WHY then is Paul the one taking this drastic step? He's not the "cute Beatle" any longer.

Are there other women? AAAAAAHHHH. Here we go. Reports are, there are hundreds - let's be honest - THOUSANDS - of women who still ooogle Paul. Women still stalk Paul everywhere he goes. They throw themselves at him. This might be Pauls delayed mid-life crisis. Delayed - because hell - he's over 60.

Pauls biggest issue is the eventual settlement with Heather. Paul was rocks first Billionaire. Paul & Heather have no pre-nuptial agreement. On McCartneys website, he assures us all Heather isn't out to claim his fortune. If this separation was in any way - normal, and initiated by the woman (like it is in nature) - Heather might not be out for blood. BUT - Paul started this ball rolling. Uh - oh. Look for Heather to soon become "Rocks first Ex-wife Billionaire."